Ms Juliza Jamel, a English, Math & IB Group 5 Tutor

Ms. Juliza Jamel

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2016 PSLE results (English) of my learners:

1) A* from A (Paya Lebar Methodist Girls) & is now in St Nicholas Girls

Other Levels:

P1 Foreign student picking up English: Phonematic awareness & also introductory to reading

2015 PSLE results (English) of my learners:

1) A* from A (Maris Stella) & is now in IP track

2) C from F (Paya Lebar Methodist Girls) & is now in PLMGS

Other Levels:

3) P1 Preparatory & Phonics and Reading. Learner can now identify words and gained confidence and interest in picking a book and read to anyone. 

Being a co-trainer for the past year in my line of work helps me to better meet expectations of learners in their studies. A big part of my work involves training new staffs in soft skills and SOPs. I have to set test papers for quality assurance, weekly pop quizzes and other "did-you-know" campaigns to stir up interest in learning and improvement within the department and organisation.

As a tutor, I've seen performance jumps in my students in PSLE exams and most importantly, their confidence when tackling seemingly unfamiliar questions. To-date, I have tutored students from the kindergarten, primary, secondary and ITE levels.

I focus on the foundation and essential concepts of all the subjects that I teach. I will break down the concepts of learning into smaller components so that my students are able to grasp and understand better, especially for students who have difficulty following in class. After which we will reinforce the lessons by practices. The first lesson will be more of a familiarisation for both my student and I. I will go through their homework and other concepts that the student needs help with before establishing the grounds of teaching. I am extremely patient and approachable, which is very good for students who feel frustrated that they could not grasp the concept of the subject. I am stern yet amiable so most of my students do not have a problem with reaching out to me to express their problems on a given subject. I go through recaps of previous lessons before embarking on a new lesson as I believe that students generally improve through reinforced learning.

I also incorporate creative writing activities for my learners and with my background in theatre, I help students who have difficulty in reading with the right emotions and intonations by reading to, with and for them. 

Currently, I am tutoring Phonics and Reading to kindergarten learners to help them catch up for Primary 1.

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    Short Course on Teaching Grammar, Comprehension & Vocabulary

    2015-2015 VERIFIED


    Supporting Children with Reading and Phonics Level 1

    2014-2014 VERIFIED

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    Bachelor of Science (Business)

    2011-2014 VERIFIED

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    GCE 'A' Level

    2005-2007 VERIFIED

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    GCE 'O' Level

    2000-2004 VERIFIED


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    Private Tutor, 10 years



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    7:00pm to 8:30pm

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