Mr Kabeer Ahmed, a Math, Science & IB Group 4 Tutor

Mr. Kabeer Ahmed

S$ 25-40/hr
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Hi There!

I have been a Private Tutor for students from Secondary 1 of all streams up to Junior College students for about 5 years now. I amd very committed to my students and see them through their few years in school.

For most of my students, I tutor them through the entire 4 years in Secondary School up til their GCE 'O'Level examinations. This commitment allows me to not only tutor them on the subjects they are weaker in, but allows me to learn what their specific weaknesses within each subject are and that helps me craft a unique "Learning Plan" based which includes based on those weaknesses as well as their learning capabilities.

While I do push my students to get the best out of them, I also understand that many students need a little bit more guidance and require their tutors to be more patient with them. For this reason, I resort to more than just teaching the subject matter, but aim on helping my students develop systems that enable them to learn quicker and more effectively. These include things like mind-mapping, crafting learning/studying schedules, interactive learning with greater use of visuals and for stronger students, to push them a little further with more challenging assessments and exercises, as well as teaching them pre-emptively.

Since July 2014, I have also been a Relief Tutor for Mendaki's Tuition Scheme, where I teach students in a classroom setting, with up to 8 students in a class. Therefore, I do feel comfortable and am able to teaching a class with more than just one student. For one-on-one students, I am fine with either having lessons at the student's home or mine, or if it is more conducive, in an alternative location like a library or learning centre.

I am comfortable with any duration per lesson, but I find a good duration to work with is 2 hours per lesson.

While the prices quoted here are negotiable, I do hope that the price offered does not deviate too much from what is quoted as I have been charging the same fees for these few years now. However, for lessons where more than one student is being taught at a time, I would surely charge a lower fee per student.

Thank you!!

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