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Hi there

My name is Kai Sherng. I just completed my National Service in December 2015 and am awaiting the start of my University in August 2016. I will be studying Electrical Engineering with a second major in Business in NTU under the Nanyang Scholarship offered to me by the school. As such I regret to say that it is not likely that I will continue tutoring after the start of my University studies due to the intensity of my University course and the expectations from the scholarship. However if you pick me as your tutor I assure you that I will do my best to teach you well in these few months to get your basics down, such that you will not need a tutor anymore after I leave :)

I may not have any official tutoring experience, however I would like to say that I do have much teaching experience. As the eldest son in my family, I have had many years of experience in teaching my younger sister in her secondary school and JC days. I am proud to say that she has achieved all A1s in the subjects I have guided her in (maths and sciences) for her O levels (A level results have yet to be released).

I have a passion for math and sciences, as such I chose to do Electrical Engineering in University. For these subjects, my general teaching style will be to run through your notes with you to iron out any misconceptions and clarify any doubts. Along the way I will also probe you with questions to stimulate deeper thinking and point out things that I deem as important based on my experience. Once I feel comfortable with your fundamentals, I will move on to practices and I will observe the way you work. From there I can tell if there are any areas that are lacking, or if you are doing a roundabout method to a straightforward question. Requesting guidance for your homework from me is welcome at any time as well. My programme is customizable to your needs so feel free to discuss it with me. 

If there is anything else you with to know please do not hesitate to contact me. I look forward to guiding you for the next few months :)

Best regards

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