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Ms. Kelly Phua

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Kelly is currently an undergraduate pursuing a Bachelor of Science (Honours) at the National University of Singapore. Her course of study is in the field of Chemistry.

Her experience with students dates back to her coaching days at the Adam Khoo Learning Centre (AKLC). As such, she has 7 years of experience interacting with students. Coaching at AKLC also helped to equip her with some of the Neuro-linguistic Programming (NLP) skills when interacting with students. She is also equipped with the knowledge of the various study methods available for different types of students.

In addition, she had also been involved in helping NUS High School of Math and Science in planning their special outreach programme for Primary School Science.

Students she had tutored range from Primary School students to Polytechnic students. Specifically, Polytechnic students who require help in Secondary School’s Mathematics or Chemistry.

As such, she mainly teaches:<br />Primary School Science<br />Secondary School Additional Mathematics, Elementary Mathematics and Chemistry.<br />She is currently open to teaching Primary School English.

She believes that every student has the potential to do well in that subject if the right study method is found. Hence, she loves to explore various study methods with her students to make sure that they learn effectively.

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