Mr Kennedy Kok, a Math, IB Group 5 Tutor

Mr. Kennedy Kok

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Just a quick background about myself, I am 21 this year and I am a very sporty and cheerful person who is dedicated and commited to the things that I enjoy doing. I am currently waiting to enrol into NUS in August 2015 and will be majoring in Mathematics.

I have a very strong passion for Mathematics ever since young and I always enjoy solving mathematical questions more than anything else in school. My results in mathematics have also backed up my interest in Mathematics, scoring an A's in my O levels and A Levels. 

As a tutor, I firmly believe in cultivating my students' passion for Mathematics first before achieving the results that they desire. Mathematics is a subject where constant practice makes perfect and without the passion to practice Mathematics, students will have the tendency to hate Mathematics, no matter how well they score. Moreover, Mathematics is crucially needed in every stage of our life and we cannot run away from it, thus generating the interest for Mathematics since young is so important in one's life.

To sum it up, I believe when given a chance, I am confident in improving both the grades and the passion in mathematics for my students. I hope to hear from the epigami team soon. Thank you! :)

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    GCE 'A' Level

    2011-2012 VERIFIED

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    GCE 'O' Level

    2007-2010 VERIFIED


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