Ms Ke Wei Chua, a English, Literature Tutor

Ms. Ke Wei Chua

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A proficient and dynamic individual who believes actions speak louder than words. I'm deeply passionate about the English Language and its subsidiaries - Literature and General Paper. There must be something interesting about a subject that makes someone so attracted to it, and I will lead by example. I believe energy is contagious so even if a student is unable to like or excel in a certain subject, he/she must will at least be able to look at it objectively enough to reach the minimum requirement to move forward.

Success cases:

I once taught a student English for his A levels. This was a kid who somehow didn't even know how to use a comma properly at seconary school. I taught him for 2 years, he got a B3 for his English and got into Temasek Junior College.

1 years later, he came back to me and sought help for General Paper. I taught him for a short period of 4 months and he got an A. 

I've always taught a family of Koreans including mother, 1 primary school girl, and 1 toddler English.

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