Mr Kheng Hwee Tan, a English, Math & Science Tutor

Mr. Kheng Hwee Tan

S$ 20-25/hr
verified tutor


Strict guidance on abilities to fully understand questions and his/her ability to answer them perfectly. Will incorporate ample examples of different scenarios to allow full grasp of knowledge and the capacity to see the "mathematical" picture. Additionally, student under my care must fully understand how to score well in PSLE format through step by step processing. Finally, with the full grasp of format, student will achieve remarkable results together with their capabilities to answer questions perfectly. To excel in English, one must be extremely confident and well versed, not particularly with vocabulary, but with the flow of the language. Concerning PSLE, participants must rely on their grasp of such fluency. I plan to develop the ability to extrapolate everyday task and objects with a higher order thinking, rather than perpetuating it with simple thoughts. In less than a month, students will be able to describe anything with precision and intricacies. Higher order thinking boost student's capacity, not only to perform remarkably on PSLE comprehension, but also other segments as well (i.e Oral/Listening Compre/ Continuous Writing). Most definitely, builds the overall fluency and therefore, able to achieve better results in PSLE. Yes. Extremely patient tutor with plenty of service and experience from many organisations that allows interaction with children and people. (e.g. NCC, community service at orphanage overseas). Certainly up to task as I've experience tutoring children of young age.
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