Mr Tey Kian Heng, Nicholas, a Science, IB Group 4 Tutor

Mr. Tey Kian Heng, Nicholas

S$ 50-70/hr
verified tutor


I'm committed to tutoring chemistry as I hope that through my teaching, more than imparting chemistry knowledge, I'm also hoping to teach life skills and skill sets for further studies, such as learning and understanding concepts in a systematic and logical way.

When I teach, i aim to make chemistry simple to understand, at YOUR level, easy to digest, without losing its depth. I will use either real life examples or analoigies to help visualise/conceptualise chemistry ideas. After which, I will work with the student to slowly integrate what he/she has learnt to other topics/context, so as to aid his/her ability to cope with integrated questions.

I have been teaching chemistry at various levels (particularly O and A levels) for the past 7 years and generally able to help the student improve by at least 1 grade.<br /><br />*P.S.: as the syallbus have been changing, have been doing what I can to understand the syallbus, but at the same time insisting on fundamental concepts to be solid and continuing to upgrade and better understand content to better explain to students.

major success stories: 1 VJC boy in 2012 from "S" to "B", 1 SGSS girl from E8 to B3 at O levels, 1 MGS girl from F9 to B3 in 2013, 1 PJC 1 boy (only started end 2013) from "U" to "C" for JC 1 EOY, 1 Pierce Sec 3 girl from C6 (Feb 2014) to A2 (Oct 2014). <br /><br />As of 2015, am teaching a total of 8 O'level Pure Chemistry Students (6 in a tuition class, 2 private), 3 Private A'level Chemistry Students, 4 Sec 3 Combined Chemistry Students(1 girl topped her class for EOY chem component(65/75), 1 boy got 39.5/50, 1 from fail to B3), 1 Sec 4 N'level Chem (from Fail to A1 at prelim, just finished N'levels) and 1 IB year 5 girl from SSP(awaitng EOY results, fail to Grade 4(MYE result)).

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    Bachelor of Science

    2008-2012 VERIFIED

  • school


    GCE 'A' Level

    2003-2005 VERIFIED


  • school

    Chung Cheng High School (yishun)

    Teacher, 1 year


  • Private Tutor

    Private Tutor, 11 years



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    8:00pm to 10:30pm
  • Tue
    7:00pm to 10:00pm
  • Wed
    1:00pm to 4:00pm
    7:30pm to 9:30pm
  • Fri
    6:30pm to 8:30pm
  • Sat
    7:30pm to 10:30pm
  • Sun
    12:30pm to 6:45pm

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