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Mr. Kumaresan Tanabalan

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My name is Kumaresan Tanabalan. I have been performing my role as an Administation Manager at ENGEN Marine Engineering Pte Ltd for over 3 years and am actively engaged in the company's corporate re-structure. From the internal re-structure of the administration to the corporate portfolio; I have played a hand in the design of the company's image. Currently I’m also a Co-Director with ENGEN Offshore Private Limited, ENGEN Spares Pte Ltd and Engenoffshore Sdn.Bhd. I also bring to the table knowledge and awareness of trade relationships and image marketing. During my time in Perth as an University student I have presented and assisted in numerous presentations. My participation in debates and discussion forums has allowed me to acquire a firm grasp on language and its modus operandi. Being a Life Science student during my studies, I have dealt with various research orientated projects and have good standing in writing and referencing literature. As I did criminology as minor during my first 2 years, I also have understanding of law jargons and research methods. As such, I am quite familiar with the commonwealth legal rulings and proceedings. A further accruement of my language skills was the Diploma in TESOL (Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages) I pursued and my subsequent experience teaching English to locals as well as foreigners who have little or no knowledge of the medium. Successful communication and teaching methods have allowed me to understand and commune with greater ease and agility. This also transcends to my NS days where communication was a key factor in handling day to day operations at Tengah Air Base Base Operations. I hope that a successful application will allow me to inter alia upgrade myself and contribute to the growth and sustenance of your organization.

On a more personal note, I’m an avid fan of film and music and have amassed a large collection in a multitude of genres through the years. I also have a very keen interest in poetry and have been collating my personal work in view of publishing them.


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    Bachelor of Science in Biomedical in Science

    2007-2011 VERIFIED


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