Mrs Kumud Manocha, a Literature, IB Language A Tutor

Mrs. Kumud Manocha

S$ 50/hr
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I have studied till M.Phil. in English Literature from the University of Delhi, India, and pursued Bachelor of Education (B.Ed.) as part of my professional training. I have taught in the capacity of Guest Lecturer and Assistant Professor in colleges in the University of Delhi, and at the middle and senior levels in eminent schools across the National Capital Region in India.

My teaching experience has allowed me to deal with a wide array of students: from Grade 6 at the middle level to students pursuing English Literature at the under-graduate level. Consequently, it has allowed me to acquire skills in guiding students towards attaining linguistic proficiency as well as appreciating the nuances of English literature. 

Being a tutor would allow me to give individual attention to my pupil(s); thereby facilitating a customised teaching/learning pattern corresponding to the child's particular needs and cognitive level. As a teacher, I aim at conducting classes focussing on the Reading, Writing (including grammar), and Speaking skills in English language. Thus, making the study of English a comprehensive learning experience for the student. 

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