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Mr. Kun Wei Tay

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Till date, I have taught Elementary Mathematics and Additional Mathematics to 6 students ranging from Lower to Upper Secondary since I started my A-Level education in 2007. Taught a brother-sister pair E Math for 1.5 years. They both started off weak and uninterested in Math as a subject, so my responsibility that I conveyed to and agreed with their parents would be to firstly build up on their interest in the subject and then I can move on to intensive teaching. Upon initially scoring reasonable grades, their confidence in E Math increased and soon I was able to build and improve on their grades. During their 'O' Level examinations, they scored A1 and B3 for their E Math papers, which was a huge improvement from failing since Secondary 3. This was an accomplishment for me. My other students fared considerably well, and I'm glad to impart Math skills and also develop passion in the subject.


I believe commitment to the student and having passion in teaching Math is critical, as I'd want to pass on useful shortcuts and skills to make learning Math fun and interesting. Therefore, I emphasize on the first lesson to not be a lesson, but a session to talk to the student and find out where he/she stands. Thereafter we can discuss on how he/she wishes the lessons to be conducted. Test papers and questions will be crafted and will be used to assess the student's progress throughout the lessons.

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    GCE 'A' Level

    2008-2009 VERIFIED

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    GCE 'O' Level

    2004-2007 VERIFIED


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    National University Of Singapore

    Private Tutor, 11 years



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