Ms LIXIN LIM, a Chinese, Geography & Math Tutor

Ms. Lixin Lim

S$ 30-55/hr
verified tutor


I have ABRSM PIANO GRADE 8 Piano Practical and ABRSM GRADE 5 Piano Theory. I have taught a few private students currently in their lower grades and had experience teaching in music school. I love teaching little kids. I would love to take in students as young as 5 years old. Moreover, I am also willing and able to take in students that may face problems learning piano music which may require extra effort and patience during the course of learning. I personally believe that everyone deserves a chance to learn piano be it at any stage of their life. Music is for the ageless and the young. The ones that are young at heart. 

I am confident and have deep interest in teaching humanities subject such as Social studies and Geography for secondary students. I am also capable of teaching chinese language for primary school levels. 

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    Diploma in Environmental Management and Water Technology

    2012-2015 VERIFIED

    Diploma in Environmental Management and Water Technology

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    GCE 'O' Level

    2008-2011 VERIFIED

    GCE 'O' Level


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