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Ms. Lois Timothy

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I am Lois Timothy from St. Andrews' Junior College and have just finished my A level examinations. 

I have often been pointed out by my teachers for having a kind disposition with a willingness to help my peers. I am also a higly motivated student, with a passion for learning and with good communication skills. 

At school I have always shown a particular ineterest in English and Science. I have alos been often commended for a flair in wriitng and a passion for reading and litertaure. Given my ineterst in science I have chosen to pursue Medicine in future. My participation in several Mathematical Olympiads are testimony of my capabilites in this subject. As such I have chosen to prioritze giving tuition in these particular fields. 

I have served the primary school boys of St. Andrews' Junior School as part of my CCA- Mentoring Club. Activitites in this club included aiding the boys with their homework and helping them as a mentor in social and inter-personal skills, while bonding with them.

Several exposures to leadership experiences have helped me to garner good inter-personal, communication and logistics skills. I have also learnt the importance of being a good team player. I gave participated as a leader in last years' Pre-University Seminar at NUS, leading a team of students from various schools thorugh the programs of Operation V50 and Vision 50 exhibition.

In junior college, I faced quite a few difficulties in subjects such as General Paper and Mathematics. Nevertheless I did not give up and have strived to attain the skills of effective writing and mathematical reasoning to my best ability and have achieved As in both subjects at the GCE A-levels. I have also gotten five distinctions in these examinations.

In my opinion and based on my experience as a mentor, I believe my style of teaching is to maintain a friendly and approachable disposition to students while being receptive to their ideas and methods of thiking. I also believe in learning form mistakes and errors, which is why I am willing to take their mistakes in a strict yet understanding manner. I also love to read fiction books and I believe my teaching style in English and other languages will be to engage students in reading along with me.

With respect to my past teachers, I have been encouraged and motivated by their streching my abilities and pushing me past my comfort zone to think out of the box on my own. I believe this will be the way to encourage my students.

I enjoy teaching and being of aid after all these experiences and am keen to puruse a kob here at your organization. I believe my experiences and academic caliber equip me with appropriate skills to fulfill the requiremenrs of a tutor at Epigami.


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  • St Andrews' Junior College

    GCE 'A' Level

    2014-2015 VERIFIED

    GCE 'A' Level

    GCE 'A' Level

    Certificate of Appreciation

  • school


    Certificate of Personality

    2010-2013 VERIFIED

    Distinction Award for Guitare Ensemble


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