Ms Min Yeow, a Music Tutor

Ms. Min Yeow

S$ 45-60/hr
verified tutor


I am an undergraduate who is actively involved in the classical music scene in Singapore, and I am currently a freelance violinist. I also perform with the NUS Symphony Orchestra and ESO Symphony as of now.

I am a passionate and patient individual and will persevere to inculcate right techniques in making music with the violin. I am a strong believer of perfection and meticulousness in making music. As a musician since 4, with siblings who are also violinists and while serving as Assistant Section Leader in my high school String Ensemble, I am confident that i am a nurturing spirit, with the potential to teach well.

My teaching style would include getting to know tutee's comfort learning level (i believe we should push tutee slightly beyond that to facilitate efficient learning) and also enforcing training of core techniques.

I am well-versed in terms of concert and performance repertoire as i have more than 10 years of experience as a performer now. I would like to expose tutee to a range of repertoire to make learning an exciting journey as well. My ardent fervour for making music through my violin will be passed on to my tutee, and i will inspire him/her to achieve many milestones in making music as well.


*A Full-sized spare violin is provided FOC for lessons, for beginners who are interested to pick up the instrument but not ready to make a $ commitment for instrument purchase.*

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