Mr Muhammad Khairi Bin Mohdar, a English, Malay & Math Tutor

Mr. Muhammad Khairi Bin Mohdar

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Hello everybody,

My name is Kai, I loved teaching ever since when i was still studying during my secondary school times. It was a sense of achievement when you see your friend smiled when he/she finally understands a difficult question.

Regular practices, as well as learning of each types of questions are the key factors in unlocking high grade results.

For example, to get a good grades in science subject, every student have to understand the individual fundamentals and to apply proper Application of knowledge and skills on every questions.

Upper Primary school/PSLE science subjects are tested on the following categories

1) Diversity ( Diversity of materials, Living/Non- Living things )

2) Cycles ( Life cycles of Plant&Animals/Water&Matter )

3) Systems ( Plant System/Human System/Cell system/Electric system )

4) Interactions ( Magnet/Forces/Friction/Gravity )

5) Energy (Light/Heat/Photosynthesis/Energy conversions)

Students will be taught on the method on how to handle each and every questions of the above sub categories. And soon students will realised that every structure of questions and answer are almost similar which resulting in an easier attempt for every questions.

I could start teaching ASAP.<br /><br />Currently I am reading and further understanding in the upper secondary Social Studies topics and the newly implemented SRQ (Structured Related Questions).<br /><br />I am specialised in teaching - Social Studies (N and O) - Malay (N and O) - Combined Science Phy+Chem (N and O) -English Secondary/Primary - Science Primary


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