Mr Syron Ng, a Math, Science & IB Group 4 Tutor

Mr. Syron Ng

S$ 35-40/hr
verified tutor


Most proficient subject: Chemistry

Chemistry has always been my favourite (and the best) subject for me. I have gotten A1 for Pure Chem (O levels) and A for H2 Chem (A levels). With that, it has been pretty comfortable for me to teach this subject to my students.


Apart from chemistry, I am good with secondary math as well (especially E Math).



Tutoring experience: 2.5 years  

When I first started out, I taught a few upper primary and lower secondary students (For both math and science) because I felt that I needed some tutoring experience first before I am able to move on to find higher level students. After that, I taught five sec 4 students (for chemistry) during the start of their secondary 4 lives. Initially I had 3 students, however amongst them, I was recommended to some of their friends and hence got an increase in the number of students.


Since I was a student once, I can totally understand how a student feels (with regards to grades, stress, etc.) and hence I am a very patient and encouraging teacher. I have my own gimmicks (from my own experience) to help students remember/understand the concept better and tips on how to handle the exam paper. I am confident with my own knowledge in Chemistry and Math and I keep myself updated with the current syllables. I have no stage phobia and I can properly express ideas coherently in front of a group of people.

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    GCE 'A' Level

    2012-2013 VERIFIED


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