Ms Nguyen Tuong Van, a Economics, Math & Science Tutor

Ms. Nguyen Tuong Van

S$ 25-30/hr
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I was not a high achiever at the beginning of the JC years. Actively participating in Taekwondo in Meridian JC, I was caught in between doing well in my studies and CCA, and decided to do one thing at a time. The effort paid off when I clinched 3 medals at the National Taekwondo A Division Championship, including an individual Bronze medal, at the beginning of my JC2 year, and achieved 4 H2 As for my A Levels.


I believe in working hard and pushing yourself beyond your limits, while taking charge of your life and exposing yourself to challenges that shape your character.


I am also currently working in a tuition centre as a centre executive on a weekly basis, managing interpersonal relationships and administrative procedures.

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