Ms Nor Ain Ismail, a Arabic, Literature & Malay Tutor

Ms. Nor Ain Ismail

S$ 40-60/hr
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I am currently an Allied Educator in a secondary school in the East of Singapore. I have been teaching since 2009 in a different teaching scheme before I join as AED in 2013. 


Tutoring for me, is like a form of enchancing and maximising students' capabilities. In order for students to realise their maximum potential which is often neglected due to many factors (e.g. stress, other commitments, learning style and behaviour etc), I believe students these days need a lot of encouragement. They  need to have someone (friends or family) to have faith in their potential. Tutoring by no means should be the main learning source for the student. It should, in fact be a form of support for the students to improve. I commit to tutoring as my job as an AED allows me to have a one-on-one or small group teaching and learning with the students. This gives me more attention towards one or a small group of students as for the teacher teaching the whole class.


Although I am trained as an English AED, my qualifications of BA is Malay Language and Literatue. I feel that every Malay student should be able to speak and write well in Malay Language. As it is, most of us are not using our MT at home. As such, acquisition of Malay Language may even be foreign to some. I enjoy teaching Malay Language and sharing my passion for cultural arts through the teaching of Malay Language.


I do not own any success stories like from F to A1. But I do have students who made improvements and developed appreciation for Malay Language. Teaching and tutoring is more than just success stories.To be able to use the correct command of language and speak fluently are our kind of success stories.


I learn about the students' profile and understand the parents' consent first. As I begin my first class with the student I will have to take note his/her learning style and capabilities. I will gauge their potential through a simple diagnostic test (free writing or comprehension). I try to cater to the child's needs whenever possible because every student is different for me.


Depending on their level, usually for secondary school students, I will check up on them via WA. I make myself available through social media in case they need help with questions, as most of them usually see me once a week.By staying in contact, it will be easier for them to seek any help they should.

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    Bachelor of Arts in Malay Language and Literature

    2010-2014 VERIFIED

    Bachelor of Arts in Malay Language and Literature

    Bachelor of Arts in Malay Language and Literature


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    Geylang Methodist School (secondary)

    Teacher, 5 years


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    Chij St. Joseph's Convent

    Teacher, 4 years



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