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Ms. Pang Yat Yan

verified tutor


Currently a final year Hons. student in NTU majoring in Chemistry and Biological Chemistry.


With my previous tutoring experience in hand, i wish to let parents know beforehand that my efforts alone does not equate to your child grades. It takes both hands to clap thus i wish to clearly state my stance that i will not be the one pushing your child to do work. I am not the kind of tutor who wants to waste parents' hard earn money and spend a session itself lecturing to your kids and questioning why he/she has not done her work that i have assigned.

Other tham this, i am very approachable and I do joke with my students from time to time, because there is not point in making a lesson tense and formal i am sure children absorb materials better when they are indeed positively engaged in the lesson. 


I am free on wkends normally.

I'll be free from april to aug on wkdays. 


Feel free to msg me 





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    GCE 'A' Level

    2011-2012 VERIFIED


  • Sat
    12:30pm to 4:30pm

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