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Mr. Patrick Li

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Benefits that the student will get

FREE notes and answering templates which I have been giving my students to score in exams.

Results Proven


More than 50% of my ex students scored DISTINCTIONS for O level and N level Exams.

Average grade is 2.54(Between A2 and B3).

Specialise in communicating with secondary school students

I started my teaching career 8 years ago after graduating from Nanyang Junior College in 2005, where my first tuition assignment was to teach a Secondary Four student E math and A math in year 2006. Since then, I have taught numerous students, ranging from Secondary Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics to JC level Physics subjects. As time passes, I started to specialise in teaching Physics and Mathematics at secondary level. (Resume and portfolio are attached for your reference)


During this period of time, not only have I established relevant communication skills that has helped me build a strong rapport with my students, I have also received very constructive feedbacks from my students on how to improve in my teaching. Coming from a humble background of scoring 199 in my Primary School Leaving Examinations (PSLE) and ended my academic education life with an engineering honours degree from National University of Singapore (NUS), I have inspired and imparted many life lessons to my students with my personal experiences. In my opinion, the secondary school students are going through one of the most important phases of their life as they grow and transit to be a young adult. It is during this period of time when their environment and everything they do have a strong influence on their life decisions. I regret to say that I did not receive such support when I was going through this during my secondary school years, therefore I strive to be the person to provide them with proper guidance and help them seek their true potential, both in their academic and personal life during this important period of time.


In the last few years as I gained more expertise in my field, I have provided consultation to many students regarding their future education. With my strong relationship with the students along with my understanding of the most updated information made in Polytechnic and University, I was able to help them make an informed decision, and transformed their lives positively. Coupled with the strong rapport, I have not only transformed their lives positively, I have built numerous student-teacher relationships that are valuable and long-lasting.


Proficient in the preferred academic subjects

In Methodology Of Studies Education Centre and Linda Education Centre, I specialise in teaching physics and mathematics to classes with an average size of ten students per class. This has enriched my experience in handling secondary school students and various aspects in the assessment and technical knowledge of these subjects.


Coming from a background of specialised engineering degree and a minor in technopreneurship (Entrepreneurship in technological area), I am equipped with technical and business expertise. The technical knowledge that I have acquired from engineering allowed me to expose the students to modern technology applications, such as wireless charging and solar panels, through the teaching of physics. The Engineering curriculum has exposed me to various tools, such as the use of breadboard, for teaching. With a strong technical background, I am able to draw the strong correlation between Physics and Mathematics, which allow students to experience the fusion of these two subjects. I am also involved in the publishing of physics assessment books and the curation of yearly physics preliminary papers and marking schemes for the ‘O’ level students.


Business knowledge acquired from technopreneurship has equipped me with the necessary skillsets to expose the students to another aspect of their life, which will help expand their horizon. As such, I have planned Students As Leading Entrepreneur (SALE) event for my education centre and imparted the necessary marketing and sales techniques to the students. With a proper theory lesson, I will be able to illustrate the importance of mathematics in the world of business.  This event exposes the students to a real commercial situation which allows them to apply the techniques that I have imparted to them.


Teaching methodology

To some, teaching is a daily routine process of imparting knowledge. To me, teaching is ever more than that – it is about understanding the teenagers and making positive transformations in their lives by honing their critical thinking skills and character. Every batch of students is unique. My students invoke a driving force in me to alter my teaching methodology to suit them. In this process, I have spent time and effort to explain to students the rationale of education and I have discovered great sense of satisfaction when I am able to earn genuine respect from students out of pure gratitude. This sense of satisfaction amplifies when I see positive changes that I have made on the students. Hence, my teaching slogan is “Character and value transformations through education unleashes the true potential of every student.”

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Ever since my graduation from NUS in year 2012, my passion for teaching has diverted me away from engineering profession job offers and I have chosen teaching as my sole career path due to the reasons mentioned above. I strongly believe that a teacher has a wide range of responsibilities to fulfil in order to mould the future generation and therefore, a teacher has to take up various roles such as a mentor, a motivator and a caretaker in front of students. I believe that my experience over the last 8 years as a tutor has greatly prepared me will enhance my capability to groom your child. 

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    GCE 'O' Level

    2013-2003 VERIFIED

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    Bachelor of Engineering (Electrical Engineering) (Honours)

    2008-2012 VERIFIED

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    GCE 'A' Level

    2004-2005 VERIFIED


  • Methodology Of Studies Education Centre

    Private Tutor, 7 years


  • Private Tutor

    Private Tutor, 12 years


  • Linda Education Centre

    Private Tutor, 3 years



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