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Ms. Poh Ling Neo

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Hello! I'm Ms Neo.

I'm a former-MOE teacher with over 5 years of classroom teaching experience in Springfield Secondary school. The years spent teaching in school had been the most fulfilling and seeing students graduate year after year to pursue their dreams is the best reward a teacher can ever have.

Hence after 5 years of grooming batches of students, I decided it’s time to put in time for myself and went travelling. I left teaching service in April 2014. During the sabbatical, I explored photography and website building to upgrade my skills outside teaching. I too met my husband and we got married.

With personal milestones achieved, I decided to embark on full-time tutoring in career, as I still love interacting with students. I personally feel that 1-1 or small group tutoring provides a much conducive environment for teaching & learning to take place, as compared to classroom teaching. 

I'm well-familiar & updated with the latest O & NA Level Mathematics syllabus, having taught graduating classes every year. I’m also equipped with latest knowledge of MOE guidelines & assessment format.

I’m especially keen to coach the weaker students to help them understand concepts quickly and easily. It just takes weaker students to taste a sense of success in Maths, they will then be motivated to score thereafter. But of course, the foundation building from Sec 1 is essential especially in their Algebra. Maths is the only subject the one can score full marks, if they DO the Maths. I’m confident of improving the Maths grades of your child.

 I welcome small group tutoring of not more than 3 students to enhance learning from peer interaction and discussion.

 I believe that rapport building, especially with teenage students, forms the foundation to open communication and motivation. As the saying goes: It takes 2 hands to clap: Motivated students + Encouraging tutor = Happy and effective learning!



Outstanding contribution award 2010 & 2011

Caring teacher award 2011

Innovative teaching award 2013


Testimonials from tutored students & parents:

Ms Neo is a very patient tutor who provided excellent guidance for my Son. She was very clear in her explanation and provided a conducive learning experience for him. She helped him to achieve distinctions in O-level Mathematics and Additional Mathematics.

Reference written on Wed Jan 11 2017 by parent Suzanne Gomes


I have been a student of Ms. Poh Ling for Additional Math for a year now. Without sounding too exaggerated, she is one of the best maths teachers I’ve had. Ms. Poh Ling's teaching style is unlike traditional methods of spoon-feeding information, rather she lets me ponder and figure out patterns and solutions. She always links back the techniques of mathematics to real life applications, something which has helped me develop a deeper understanding and appreciation for maths in general. She has a very bubbly personality which relieves the tension of the demanding subject. Yet this does not hinder her communication. She uses a wide range of resources to make learning more engaging and she never fails to assign extra practice. Something I find particularly useful is that she attaches the solutions to the extra assigned questions. This allows me to check my answers. She also begins every class with asking how the homework went well and helps with any doubts. To conclude, if anyone is looking for a very well-versed and engaging tutor, Ms. Poh Ling is the go-to person.

Reference written on Sat Jan 21 2017 by student Nabiha


Ms Neo is a friendly teacher who tried her best to help me understand the maths topics that I wasn't good at. She has helped me improve from a passing grade to an A1 and I would definitely recommend her to be your tutor as well.

Reference written on 6 Feb 2017 by student Shaun Wan

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    Bachelor of Science (Honours) in Mathematics

    2005-2008 VERIFIED

    Bachelor of Science (Honours) in Mathematics

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    GCE 'A' Level

    2003-2004 VERIFIED

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    GCE 'O' Level

    1999-2002 VERIFIED


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    Springfield Secondary School

    Teacher, 5 years



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