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Ms. Raina Sum

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Hello! I am Raina and I'm currently a year 4 undergraduate from NUS. During my 8 months break between the end of A Levels and the start of uni, I worked in a student care centre for primary school kids. That experience taught me how to interact with primary school children and also how to teach them and help them with their school work. Furthermore, during the break, I also gave tuition to two secondary school students. I taught them Chemistry and Mathematics. I enjoy giving tuition to students but have not been able to commit to tuition for the past 3 years of uni as I had other school/hostel commitments.

I really love mathematics and that's why I'm in NUS Accountancy! I got A1 for O'level A.Math, E.Math. I also attained A for A'Level Mathematics, Economics, Chemistry and Physics. (:

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