Ms Rena  Surash, a English, Geography & Literature Tutor

Ms. Rena Surash

S$ 20-30/hr
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Struggling with challenging subjects has been a large part of my academic life, and I definitely owe it to my excellent tutors who have provided me with after-school enrichment that have shaped my academic journey to the way it is today. 

Currently a Year 2 English student in NTU, and I taught primary school children after my A levels, also providing Math and English tuition for Secondary school students with difficulties in the subjects. 

My teaching style during lessons is to give students assignments as homework, and then in the next lesson bring their marked homework, explaining their mistakes to them and making them do questions similar to those they've made mistakes in so as to help them understand the concept better. As the saying goes, 'Practice makes perfect', and I can attest to this phrase as much hard work helped me achieve where I am today. 

I prefer to use current examples and connect with students by engaging with them at their level. After knowing the students, I will tweak my lesson plans according to their needs. While I will be patient and answer their questions as best to my ability as possible, I will also enforce discipline in homework completeion as it is important for them to do their homework diligently in order to improve.

In doing so, I hope to help them achieve better grades. :)

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    Bachelor in English

    2012-Present VERIFIED

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    Xinmin Secondary School




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