Mr Ronnie  Lai, a Drama, English & Geography Tutor

Mr. Ronnie Lai

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Hi! I have a keen interest in teaching and educating others. An aspiring teacher, I believe in pushing every student to his/her maximum potential. A graduate from heartland schools in my past 12 years of education, I believe that every student is able to excel when given the right environment and resources to work with. As such, I hope to educate students, and not just impart content and knowledge, on how to fight against their odds with grit and determination.

My past experience includes: private tutoring for Upper Secondary Social Studies and English, Lower Primary Mathematics and English, a teaching internship with MOE (teaching Geography, English Language, and Literature in English), peer tutoring in JC and also pro bono tutoring to primary school students. 

Additionally, I spent a year in a local Polytechnic doing a Diploma in Psychology before quitting for the JC route and ultimately, secured myself a placing in National University of Singapore to do Geography. While this sounds rather unusual, I believe through my experience, I have the capacity to advise and encourage students to pursue either paths for their academic pursuit. 


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