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Ms. Ruby Ng

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I was educated at Nanyang Primary, Nanyang Girls' High, majored in music at Walla Walla College USA, then majored in pre Medicine at Biola University USA. I entered the Dean's List, auditioned for a music degree and was accepted into Biola Music Conservatory. I won a piano competition and was granted a partial scholarship. I tutored English to foreign students for 3 years before coming back to Singapore. I have been in the performing arts since a kid, such as choir, band, dance, drama. I taught music in primary schools for 2 years, advanced level music in prestigious music schools for 7 years, followed by 10 years of private music teaching, plus occasional English lessons to students at parents' requests. I was asked several times to apply for the position of a Music Pastor, but... nah... I just want to be a simple music teacher.


I teach grades 6 to diploma, including music theory up to grade 8. Some of my students became music teachers, some became band musicians (either gigs or church), some got involved in performing arts in their schools, some auditioned and got into School of Young Talent for both the piano and choir program. I was a choir director, music director and a hip hop and street jazz dance team leader for a number of years. I was also an assistant sound engineer for some years, where I had to mix and balance the sound of each instrument and then overall as a band. I also have been a judge for singing competitions. I had many great opportunities to interact with British examiners through a close friend, and am familiar with their music personalities, styles, habits, taste, etc. And yes, I do expect students to speak and write proper English.


I do not teach piano from a hardcore classical pianist aspect, especially when I also listen to other kinds of music. I usually try to incorporate lessons learnt from choir/band practices or dance/drama classes into my piano teaching. I believe in a well-rounded education; theory, sight reading and aural skills are ALL important to me. I am a perfectionist and I am very meticulous - I do require students to be good in everything. Many students remain with me for years and when they finish their grade 8 or diploma, I do see that they caught on to whatever skills they had learnt from me, be it music, language, social, etc.



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