Mr Sameer  Khattar, a English, Math & Science Tutor

Mr. Sameer Khattar

S$ 30-40/hr
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I am a extremely hardworking and motivated person with passion for teaching. I beleive in students getting hold of the concept before rushing into practice. I am extremely patient and understanding with kids as i realise that everyone comes from a different academic background. I can confidently say that parents would be impressed with my level of commitment and dedication to improve not only their child's learning but also produce deliverable results. With my interpersonal skills, I beleive that students will be comfortable with my teaching style and hence be willing and motivated to do better in their school work. 

I have been working for which is one of my relatives tution centre for about 2 years. I worked 5 days a week and covered subjects from mathematics, science and English from Primary 1 to Secondary 4. My resposiblities included revising notes and question banks, maintaining logistics and creating new content such as worksheets to grasp hold of the basic concepts of different topics. My strategy is to identify topics and areas in which the students are weak in, make them fundamentally get hold of the whole idea and concepts and then provide them with practice questions to enhance creative thinking and problem solving skills. 

I have taught at least 10 students who have had drastic improvements in their results. When I teach, I develop a detailed plan and have an overall course structure. Daily practices are assigned and I make sure students are aware of their targets and goals. This way, I can monitor their progress and make necessary adjustments to develop the most potential out of students. 

I am currently studying in Nanyang Technological University with a Bachelors undergraduate degree in Mechanical Engineering. Science (especially Physics) is my forte so as well as a strong foundation in mathematics and English 

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