Mr Samuel Suther David, a English, Math & Science Tutor

Mr. Samuel Suther David

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Since young, I have understood the importance of education and it's role in equiping students with the necessary skills to surviving today's competitive economy. Hence, I have studied hard, studied smart and with passion and have done very well in all my major examinations. I have strong interests in Mathematics and Science. This is not only reflected by the distinctions I scored in my exams(top 5 in my School for O Levels) but also the numerous competitions I have taken part to enrich my knowledge in these fields. For example, I have particiapted in Maths, Physics, Chemistry Olympaids and even NUS Geography Challenge(for which, I emerged as the top 40 in the individual round). Apart from personal qualifications, I also have 1 year of experience teaching my sister and friends Secondary school science and maths.Now, I want to impart my passion for Maths and Science onto other students and teach them how to ultimately become independent learners and excel in their field of interest. As a hobby, I do programming(self-learned during my free time). I also have a placing in NUS Computer Engineering where I will be going to pursue my interest.

<br />-I received A1s for all my math and science subjects and I am interested and confident in teaching the subjects. <br />-I received distinctions for all the subjects I took at O levels and thus, I will be able to help the student in his other subjects as well. <br />-I can prepare notes for the student that's catered to his specific needs in the subject.<br />-Should the student have doubts that need to be clarified immediately, I'll be reachable beyond the tuition hours.<br />-I am a very patient person and will engage the student to find out his weaknesses and work on them.

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