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Mr. Sean Searle

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I studied at an International American School in Cancun, Mexico. With a double nationality, Mexican and British, an international school felt like the right environment for me. When I went to college with a scholarship to study Biotech Engineering with a minor in Molecular Biology, I would come back home during the summers and go back to my high school. Teachers and parents were familiar with me and I began tutoring. Every summer and winter I would go back home and use my afternoons to help prepare students for their exams. 

After graduating, I wanted to get as much experience as possible and took an internship at a Red Sea Research Centre doing Marine Microbiology. It is amazing how little we know of our oceans, and research like that helps scientists understand the response they will have against climate change. 

During my undergrad I spent one semester abroad in Singapore, and I loved it here. I have now come back to pursue a PhD with a scholarship in Biomedical Engineering. I simply love biology and research. I truly hope I can inspire some of my admiration of living systems to students. My strengths are the life sciences, but given my multicultural background I can also help a student with Spanish language. 

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    Bachelor of Engineering (Biotechnology)

    2009-2014 VERIFIED


  • International American School Of Cancun

    Private Tutor, 4 years



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