Mr Seet Chong Boon, a Chinese, Literature & IB Language A Tutor

Mr. Seet Chong Boon

S$ 50-80/hr
verified tutor


Working Experiences: • 5 year secondary school teaching experience in Manjusri Secondary School (2003-2006) and Henderson Secondary School (2006 - 2008) in Singapore. I have taught every level in secondary school before. • Familiar with MOE syllabus. 2 years of experience tutoring Primary Chinese (taught concurrently when I was still in MOE), currently having 7 primary level students to date (12 June 09). Able to equip your child some good and simple vocabulary from lower Secondary for a headstart in PSLE essay writing to impress the examiners/markers. • Bilingual, able to explain Chinese vocabulary using English, to enable students who are from English family speaking background to learn effectively. • I am familiar with MOE Exam formats and requirements. Still have good colleagues and friends who are still in MOE, to update me of current syllabus. Able to get latest GCE “O” examination papers. • Students under my coaching are trained in how to expand their thoughts to express themselves in Oral Examinations. • Essay writing coaching is my specialty. Structures and scaffoldings will be given to students. • Let students learn as they are guided along to design and customize their own notes. • Additional comprehensive notes are given during lessons and students can get other school exam papers for practice. • I have taught a class of students from the last banding whose Chinese language grades were C6-E8 in the beginning of the year, but half the class got B3 in this year’s O level Chinese 2008. No one failed. • In 2009, 2 Sec 4 students gotten B3s in the Chinese O levels exams compared to C6s from their school exams. • Basic Conversational Chinese teaching with additional power-point presentation slides to reinforce learning visually. • Proficient in using IT/multi-media to enhance teaching eg. Youtube, Typing and writing of Chinese character using laptop/electronic pen to fortify learning of Chinese character, Voice Recording to enable students to improve in their oral skills for oral examinations. • Equipped with Chinese softwares to train students for their Oral (passage reading and picture description) Most of my students are from ACSI and SJI as parents referred me amongst their friends. The students find me able to explain chinese terms in English.  So they can easily relate to my style.

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    Bachelor of Arts (Chinese Language and Chinese Literature)

    2000-2003 VERIFIED


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    Manjusri Secondary School

    Teacher, 3 years


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    Henderson Secondary School

    Teacher, 1 year



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