Ms Shabdita Vatsa, a Science, IB Group 4 & IB Language A Tutor

Ms. Shabdita Vatsa

S$ 20-25/hr


I discovered my love for tutoring when I tutored a set of grade 9 and 10 students back when I was doing the IB. It was a genuinely fulfilling experience for me as I taught things I loved and I had the chance to help others. My love for tutoring grew further when I started a Biology society and held revision clinics for my peers. 

 I am bit paradoxical as I love biology and chemistry but I also have a strong passion for literature. This works well for as I use a lot of my skills from english literature to learn science and vice versa. I use the analytical and methodical approach I picked from studying science to dissect literary texts and I use story telling and analogies to understand scientific concepts. 

I am very creative with my teaching methods as I use mind maps, concept maps, videos and storytelling. I tend to connect with people by using humour and pointing out genuinely interesting things about what they are learning. A dry and academic approach can alienate people at first which is why I use more casual and funny language to explain the core concepts and then I use more strategic and academic approach for scoring. 

As much as I want to help people improve their skills and raise their grades, I also wish to help them develop an interest for the subject. 

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    Internation General Certificate of Secondary Education

    2013-2015 VERIFIED


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