Ms Shabira Basheer, a English, History & Literature Tutor

Ms. Shabira Basheer

S$ 25-40/hr
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Hello there! My name is Shabira and I am currently an NUS undergraduate in the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences, majoring in Political Science. I believe that I can be a useful tutor for your children as I am relatively proficient in the subjects of English language and the humanities. However, I can also teach Mathematics in the primary school levels. I am also well-versed in current affairs, which I believe is useful in helping one to improve one's grade especially in the langauges and humanities. I will be able to pass on good study habits and tips, which I myself have acquired throughout my own academic life and applied in examinations, to your children. These study tips have proven to be especially useful for me, and while I understand that not every student is the same, I will ensure that these habits and techniques will be suitably adapted to suit your child's needs. 

Besides the additional practices that I will ask your child to do during tuition time be it in Maths or English as practice always makes perfect, I believe in teaching them good time management skills in examinations as well because more often than not, the time factor pressurizes students so much that they go into a state of panic and thus, underperform in exams. Therefore, I will include in timed assignments and practice in my tuition sessions, should the duration of the tuition session permits me to do it. This, I feel, is especially useful for the student as it will be a simulated environment for them to get used to examination settings, and it will help them drastically in improving their grades for examinations. 

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    GCE 'A' Level

    2013-2014 VERIFIED

    GCE 'A' Level

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    GCE 'O' Levels


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