Ms Shaheen Hajira, a Art, English & Food Studies Tutor

Ms. Shaheen Hajira

S$ 25-30/hr
verified tutor


I have been volunteering in organisation to teach children since I was in Secondary School. Now being a Final a year Nursing student, I look forward to pursue my passion in teaching while I am able to fund my academics as well. Through Nursing, I developed great passion for educating. Furthermore, I am a creative, friendly, cheerful and very inspiring person to motivate and create the interest for others to learn. I look forward to my school presentation because I like to put a smile on a face which shows that I have made someone learn and understand something at a given time. I think of creative way to present my teaching methods. With compliments from teachers and classmates that i can turn a difficult topic to be so simple and easy to understand.

Having passion puts me in a place where I would want to commit not academically for the student but to a motivator, friend, counsellor as well to get through the stressful school system in Singapore. I have confident that I am able to help my client reach their goal one step at a time without fearing of failure and help to boost the self esteem.

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    Private Tutor, 5 years



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    5:00pm to 7:00pm
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