Ms Shanine van Zwienen, a Geography, Math & Science Tutor

Ms. Shanine Van Zwienen

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I started teaching at a well-known private tuition centre based in Jakarta, Indonesia, teaching both local and international students. For most cases, the local students were struggling with their grades and their parents wanted to enrol them in international schools, so it was our job to ensure that they did well enough for the entry exams and subsequent tests. I enjoy teaching students as I was a student once before and I know the struggle of not understanding a subject, as well as the constant pressure to do well in school. I am currently taking a Diploma in Veterinary Technology in Temasek Polytechnic, thus I am very confident in my biology. However I enjoy teaching mathematics as well, as I feel it is a very under-appreciated subject and it is very demotivating for a child to learn a subject that they have problems in understanding. When I teach, I do not wish to force information into the student's mind nor do I simply expect them to memorise information. I analyse where the student's problem is and I try my best to use analogies to get them to see it from a different angle. If they cannot understand it one way, I will find another way to get him/her to understand. Biology in particular is very content-heavy and it may seem like all there is to do is simply memorise. But I have effective ways to explain certain concepts that the student can grasp and subsequently remember easier. In general I my students are like younger siblings, I make sure to let them know that my purpose is to enable them to enjoy learning and achieve as many of their goals as far as I can help, although I cannot guarantee amazing results in a small timespan, as every child has a different learning pace. Having said so, I put in my best effort to make every student understand as much as possible to encourage learning and motivate them to reach their academic goals and visions.


Shanine van Zwienen

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    2008-2011 VERIFIED


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