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Mr. Sheng Tong

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I used to giving tuition to my younger sister and 1 of my neighbours' kid. They were at Primary 6 & 3 respectively at that time. Initially we hired a private tutor for my sister's weaker subject, Maths at the beginning of the PSLE year (She was achieving 70+ at the end of P5). However her Maths result reflected on her mid term exams wasn't really encouraging, we realised that perhaps the private tutor's way wasn't that suitable for my sister, partially because this is her first time having a 1-to-1 personal tutor, my sister was generally a very quiet and shy girl, so she couldn't get used to this kind of attention on her.

So we decided to cancel her private tutor and since I had just graduated from Poly and waiting for NS, I was the natural replacement. It started as only a monitoring job for me, as I just sat beside her to answer her doubts when she has encountered during her homework. After awhile I started to buy some extra assessment books for her and teach her step-by-step for some of the tougher questions. We carried on these small tuition sessions all the way until her PSLE and her Maths result was improved from B in the SA1 to A* during actual PSLE and with a total score of 245.

After I have enlisted, the neighbors (who were our guardians by the way, since my parents are mostly not in SG) had really taken good care of my sister for me while I was only home during weekends. So as a little form of appreciation for all the favours, I offered to give voluntary Chinese & Maths tuition for their P3 child, they accepted it. So I am glad to say that I managed to improve both of the subject from B for both Chinese & Maths to A and A* respectively for his P3 end of year examinations.

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