Ms Shilvia Tang, a English, Math & IB Group 5 Tutor

Ms. Shilvia Tang

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My name is Shilvia.

I have several years of teaching experience starting from my time in NTU as an undergraduate whereby I joined Mentoring Club and gave lessons for free to young students in their school every Saturday.

During my working period, I still give private lessons at students' home.

I also give free English lessons to Indonesian maids at an organization once a week.

My best achievement was to help my student improve from C grades to A grades in her PSLE English.

Recently, my other PSLE student achieved 2 A* and 1 A for his English, Math and Science.

Of course, the support from family members, esp the parents, also helped in the progress of these students. I believe it is the same for all students who need support and guidance from their parents.

I wish I could also help any student in Epigami boost their learning and eventually academic results.

Thank you very much and have a nice day.



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  • She is great!

    2 years ago.

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