Ms Shubhangi Agarwal, a Economics, Elements of Business Skills & Hindi Tutor

Ms. Shubhangi Agarwal

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I am Shubhangi. Currently, I am pursuing a Bachelor of science degree in Economics at the Singapore Management University. 

Tutoring is something I have always wanted to do because I am fascinated by the extent to which teachers play a role shaping the likes and dislikes of their students. I remember how in high school, till a certain age I found math the hardest subject. I just could't grasp concepts and naturally detested the subject until I had this math teacher come over to teach me. Suddenly concepts of ratios, decimals, algebra became so clear that here I am pursuing Economics and taking up subjects like Econometrics and Statistics. 

I have decided to teach at the primary and secondary level because I understand the importance of having a strong foundation. I will be teaching subjects that particularly interested me during my school which include, mathematics, business studies, accounting, biology, science and hindi.

As for my teaching style, I strongly encourage practising and asking questions. I believe in conjuction, these two approaches help you develop a firm understanding of what you are studying.My friends tell me I am easy to get along with so the student can be rest assured of having a comfortable learning environment with me.

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  • Welham Girls' School, Dehradun, India



  • Ekal Vidyala Foundation, India (social Initiative)




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    5:00pm to 8:00pm
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