Ms Eva Chew, a Chinese, Math & IB Group 5 Tutor

Ms. Eva Chew

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I am a 22-year-old Malaysian girl studying in NTU since 3 years ago. I was born in a Chinese-educated family and grow in a Chinese speaking environment. I have accepted Chinese education from Pre-school until High School (before admitting to NTU). Besides, in my high school education, the standard of the additional Mathematics are well-known.

Since young, both of my parents and my eldest sister's occupations are teachers, so I have some kind of interest in teaching as well. After graduated from high school and waiting for the admission to NTU, I have been teaching in a primary school in Malaysia for six months. After studying in NTU, I have a previous tutoring experience in Singapore, teaching Primary 2 Chinese.

I hope to teach the students in an interesting way and help them in understanding because I believe that understanding is the first step to lead them to better achievement. Instead of only target for exam, I hope the students can build up interest on the subject which can make them enjoy the learning process.

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