Mr Sumit Gupta, a Science, IB Group 4 Tutor

Mr. Sumit Gupta

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I have taught in Singapore International School and Poddar International School for two years in Mumbai, India I have been teaching  tutions at Students'home in Mumbai. I use proper analogies to simplify the concept for the student and I am also very apt at making the student visualise the concepts of a subject in his/her mind's eye.  I am extremely well versed in Biology, Chemistry, Physics , Mathematics.  I simply love to explain things to younger generation and it gives me immense satisfaction when I am successful in elaborating details of a concept and the students grasps it.  I also mention stories of great people in Science and Mathematics and try hard to give a vision to student regarding what career they can chose later in life if they study a particular subject.  If a student is interested in Maths, I tell him/her about various awards like Fields Medal, Abel Prize etc in Maths, as I believe that by glorifying a subject and making a student beeive that he/ she can be successful in that subject, the student can become motivated beyond measure.  I encourage students to go as deep in a subject so that they become more and more interested.  I just wish that some day one of my student go on to win a Nobel or a Fields medal. That would be the earning of my lifetime !

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  • Indian Institute of Technology Kanpur, India



  • Poddar International School, Mumbai

    Teacher, 1 year



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