Ms Supriya Hegde, a Electrical Technology and Applications, Math & Science Tutor

Ms. Supriya Hegde

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I was working for a company for 2 years after completing my under graduation. I was given the task of mentoring the freshers. It was a tough task for me for initial days. After few days I started learning how to teach to a fresher. I was patient enough to clarify their questions. I had come with new teaching techniques to make my students understand thoroughly. I was awarded as the best mentor. Students had given positive feedback for my mentoring sessions. During that period I started loving teaching. I was teaching economically backward students as a social service during weekends. Even now I am really passionate towards any kind of teaching. As I am a technical girl, teaching Mathematics, electrical concepts and science would suit me the best.  

My plan to teach is, giving practical examples and make the students learn by referring an example. For that reason I intend to give assignments and make them complete the assignments within stipulated time. The type of teaching really depends on the student. I will have to take care of his/her understanding level and involve his/her in learning the concepts.


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  • NTU, Singapore



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