Mr Syahrul Anuar, a Design and Technology, English & Geography Tutor

Mr. Syahrul Anuar

S$ 15-25/hr
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Teaching has been a passion for me since young. Being a late bloomer in my academics, I felt very passionate and empowered when given the opportunity to tutor my classmates and friends. Not only do I find it pleasurable, it has also allowed me to fully evaluate my stance in academics, further allowing me to flourish.


Never have I expected to go the JC route coming from the Normal Academic Stream. Being a late bloomer, I realised I was a fast learner, picking things up easily and through tutoring my friends and classmates, I further excelled in my academics.


Top for both N and O levels in my school, I am proud of my achievement alongsie my adequate hollistic qualification.


To me, learning is not just a one off moment, it is a life long passion that must be ignited and I hope to do so if given the chance to tutor. I hope to pass down my mental and academic cues to my potential tutees, illustrating that "mugging" is not the way to study.


I can teach Geography, Mathematics (Syllabus A), Science (Physics/Chem), English and Malay. These subjects were the subjects I best flourished and had much passion for. I would prefer to teach NA Upper or Lower secondary students or Primary School students.


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