Mr Sze Chong Chew, a Math, IB Group 5 Tutor

Mr. Sze Chong Chew

S$ 50-60/hr
verified tutor


I like teaching math to JC students. I am sensitive to student's level of understanding and able to explain concepts at their level of understanding and gradually build up so that my students will not have problem understanding any math concepts; even those that they find difficult in the beginning. 

Math is my most confident subject,and when my students are with me, they are confident to tackle even the most difficult questions because they know i will help them until they understand. I don't leave any stones unturn. 

I have a Honours degree in applied mathematics and Masters in Business Administration. I got A for finance related subjects like accounting, managerial economics, corporate finance for by business admin course.

For the latest 2016 batch of A level students, of the 11 who followed through with me, 6 got A, 4 got B and 1 got C. <br />One of the benefits of getting a full time tutor like me is that they can book lessons from me anytime in the day, I adjust to and give priority to my student's schedules and answer their questions sent to my whatsapp within 2 hours. .

I am giving home tuition for H1 and H2 math students and free whatsapp tuition for H3 math students. 

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    Bachelor of Science (Honours) in Mathematics

    2003-2007 VERIFIED

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    GCE 'A' Level

    1999-2000 VERIFIED


  • Inspire Tuition Center

    Private Tutor, 5 years



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  • My daughter's feedback is:1. He came to the class with a clear sense of purposes. 2. He seems well prepared, maybe because he is very knowledgeable in Math. He explains clearly and solve problems very quickly. 3. His passion in teaching math is obvious to us. 4. He is very patient and responsible.

    1 year ago.

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