Mr Tan He Yuan, a English, Math & IB Group 5 Tutor

Mr. Tan He Yuan

S$ 20/hr
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I have just completed my first year undergraduate studies at Nanyang Technological University and currently pursuing a Bachelor of Accountancy degree. I was formerly from Anderson Junior College and Catholic High School. My teaching method involves assigning work to my students to complete before every lesson. I will then mark and go through them during the next lesson. This saves time as the tuition hours will be spent on clarifying all the concepts which the students do not understand. I will do a chapter by chapter review at the start of each lesson as well. Every concept which the student is unclear about will be worked on till he/she gets the hang of it and is comfortable with it. While I do not have commercial tutoring experience currently, I have tutored many of my peers before with positive and quick effects. I am also passionate about imparting what i know to others and I always feel a sense of accomplishment being able to to that. Hence, I hope to be given this opportunity. I can commit for the long term and I always feel that it would be best for a tutor to stick to a student for the best results. I am more than willing to make arrangements to extend or give extra lessons for free should I see that the students are still struggling to cope with their work. My patient and persistent style would definitely be beneficial to my students.
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