Mr Teo Shao Wei, a Chinese, English & History Tutor

Mr. Teo Shao Wei

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I have been teaching for 7 years. I specialized in teaching foreign students from countries such as Thailand, China and Malaysia. I have had close to 15 students and many of them improved under my tutelage. For example, many students with poor English standards have successfully brushed up their oral and written skills. It is no coincidence that as a result, their grades improved and they subsequently excelled in the national examinations. Besides English, I teach Chinese as well as the Humanities such as History and Literature in English. My teaching philosophy is that "Every Student is A Thinking Student". In other words, my students learn the requisite skills for examination purposes, understand the rationale behind how test questions are set and ultimately master the desired outcomes of education. Through these approaches, I hope to inspire passion for lifelong learning and bring out the best in every student. I have been nominated for the Best English Literature Student Award in Hwa Chong Institution in 2006 and was the Singaporean Best Performer for the HSK Chinese Proficiency Test administered by the Beijing authorities. For the Humanities, I had participated in current affairs inter school debates and was named the United Nations Young Diplomat in 2008. Currently, I am a sophomore in Singapore Management University, specialising in Law. I have a keen interest in Constitutional and Administrative Law as well as Corporate Mergers & Acquisitions
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