Mr Terence Gan, a Computer Applications, Math & Music Tutor

Mr. Terence Gan

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I graduated from NUS with a Bachelors in Computer Science with Honours (Merit) in June 2017. I have given tuition during my time as an undergraduate in NUS to 3 students at secondary school level. The subjects that I taught them were E and A maths as well as Physics.

As a tutor, I want to help students reach their maximum potential. My style of teaching is through the use of examples, analogies and real world applications, so as to enable the student to visualize concepts clearly. I steer clear of rote learning and making students memorize things as this will potentially be harmful in the long term. I ensure that students fully understand why a certain formula is as such, so as to allow the student to find meaning in the subject and learning process, rather than memorizing for the sake of exams.

I also strive to maintain a good relationship with the student as well as parents. Providing constant updates to the parent would allow them to have a sense of how well his/her child is doing. In this way, any concerns that they may have can also be highlighted, which can be rectified with the student quickly. Also, I believe that a student-tutor relationship should not have a "barrier" between them. Although some level of professionalism has to be maintained, I feel that the student should be able to freely talk to the tutor and clarify any doubts that he/she may have, without any fear of being scolded or judged. Building rapport and friendship with the student would also make the tuition session much more enjoyable to both the tutor and the student, therefore creating a better environment for the student to learn.  

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