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Ms. Vani Shriya

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Hey there! I'm an international student, currently pursuing a Bachelor of Business Management in Finance and Economics at Singapore Management University. Although I have never studied at the Secondary or JC Level here in Singapore, I do believe I would be able to do a good job especially with languages such as English or Hindi (in which I have native fluency); as well as Mathematics (as I have consistently scored in the top 5 of my cohort throughout my school life). Also, being a finance major, as well as a school topper in Accountancy (in my Indian Standard 12 exam - equivalent to A Levels) I believe that I would be able to do a good job with this subject as well since International Standards of Accounting remain the same worldwide.

I have tutored in the past, usually with students of my cohort or a few years younger as a private tutor in English, Mathematics and Accountancy. I have had quite a few success stories as well - some of my students went from scoring in their 30s to in their 80s in their exams over the course of their tutoring sessions. I attribute this to my teaching style - I believe in being open, friendly and approachable and try tailoring the content to provide relatable examples and keep the students interested. I believe that it is the teacher's job to hold the student's attention and to invoke passion for the subject (albeit with the student's cooperation) and I strive to do the same for all my students. Hope to hear from you soon!

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