Ms Wan Qi Yip, a English, Geography & Math Tutor

Ms. Wan Qi Yip

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Hi, I am currently an undergraduate, studying in NTU. I have been working part time in the education industry since I left JC, starting out as a relief teacher at Punggol Primary School and then went on to become a teacher in Learning Journey Educational Centre for 1 year plus.

I have interacted with and taught children from as young as 3 years old to secondary school students.

My teaching style is 'step-by-step' method, whether is it applied to English, Mathematics or other subjects. This is so as I do not like to rush students in doing their work if they do not even know their contents and knowledge well. This might result in students writing down nonsensical contents just for the sake of handing in their assignments. 

I often try to understand how the students are feeling and their opinions about issues in order to get to know them better so that I can better encourage and motivate them in their learning. 

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  • Learning Journey Educational Centre

    Teacher, 1 year


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    Punggol Primary School




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  • I personally like Wan Qi as she is able to find out the student's weaknesses. I hope that she can help my girl. I can feel her passion in teaching by her concern. Good recommendation!

    1 year ago.

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