Mr Wei Liang Teo, a Science, IB Group 4 Tutor

Mr. Wei Liang Teo

S$ 65/hr
verified tutor


Experienced in teaching upper secondary and JC sciences. Taught as a MOE teaching intern (not relief teacher) as well as private tutor for 7 years now. I was a NTU College Scholar, NTU President Research Scholar and Dean's lister for 3 consecutive years and currently on the prestigious Nanyang President Graduate Scholarship (NPGS) pursuing a Ph.D in Chemistry.

Universities and our society generally expect students to take charge of their own learning. Thus, as a tutor, I am not only responsible for teaching academic subjects, but also other skill sets relevant to prepare them for a tertiary education. Therefore, I strongly believe in self-directed learning, as oppose to 'spoon-feeding' methods employed by many other tutors and even schools. It is the responsibility of my students to learn and I am only a facilitator in their learning journey.

As for my teaching style, I use questions to guide my students towards answering questions. From experience, I realised that many students do not know how to express themselves despite knowing the concept involved. This technique also enables students to think more critically and come up with new approaches to solving problems, a crucial skill necessary for science examinations.

Learning science can be both enjoyable and interesting for students.

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    GCE 'A' Level

    2008-2010 VERIFIED


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    East Spring Secondary School



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    Private Tutor, 6 years



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