Ms Xenia Yeoh, a Art, Chinese & English Tutor

Ms. Xenia Yeoh

S$ 16-45/hr
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Likes/Interests/Hobbies: Blogging, Writing, Creative Thinking, Mindmapping, Piano, Web-designing, Innovation, Ikebana, Music, English, Science, Children, Friends, Family.

Style of Teaching/Experiences: Uncountable. In actual fact, I teach every single child who comes to me, no matter what subject or for how short a duration. Why? Simply because, I believe that no child should be left behind. A child needs patience, encouragement, and a motivation to improve themselves not only in their studies, but also as an individual themselves. Crazy as it sounds, I do not have the air of a teacher and many parents are shocked at how I was able to teach their children without assuming the role of a 'tuition teacher' because of my jolly and bubbly nature. I treat all my students as friends and I always tell them: Even if I do not teach you certain subjects, if you have questions on a particular subject, you can ask me. I will help you. Some children, especially the younger ones do get attached to me and they love my lessons because they do not feel like lessons at all. However, I do admit that several parents are not very approving of my style of teaching as they feel that tuition should be more serious and that the teacher (I) should be more firm with their children. Regardless, I am very versatile. During exam periods, I am more strict and firm with my teaching, and I begin teaching students 'exam skills' more than 'what is in the textbooks'. Knowledge is important, but exam skills determine how well you can score. Every student can be knowledgeable and memorise their textbooks well, but not every student can apply them in exams; and this is what I impart to my students. My lessons are fun, engaging, and relaxed because as a student myself, I wouldn't want to have to bear another 1-2 hours of pure tuition after a long day in school.

Results: My students enjoy tuition lessons, and even though they do not improve very much (improvement of around 5-10 marks only), they are encouraged to do better the next time because they now have the confidence and will to tackle exams. They also learn more than what is in textbooks; knowledge that will be useful to them in future.

Specialty: I have been taught by many teachers who were O-Level/A-Level examination markers and they have imparted to me marking schemes and skills on how to spot likely exam questions. Also, I have many answering techniques, skills and model answer templates that are very useful to students and will benefit them greatly if they are trying to 'cram' information in a short time. My forte is Creative Writing (Composition), Comprehension, and Science, Chemistry, and Biology (My knowledge in Biology has already surpassed H2 Biology in JC because I am currently in my 2nd year studying Life Sciences Course in Polytechnic).

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