Ms xingchen lai, a Economics, Math & Science Tutor

Ms. Xingchen Lai

S$ 30-40/hr
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Among all the subjects, i am very well versed in chemistry which is a subject that i am confident in teaching about. Nonetheless, Mathematics and Economics are other fortes which i am confident in teaching about.<br /><br />I feel that studying is about learning through understanding, but exam techniques and keywords are important as well. This is because in addition to really learning and understanding the underlying concepts involved in the academic subject, it is also important to convince people that you have understood what was being taught, and to establish a common language.<br /><br />Hence, my focus will be on understanding at the beginning, but on application and exam answering techniques towards the end.<br />I feel that learning is not a one way track. Students themselves have to put in effort to ensure an efficient and fruitful learning experience. Hence, i will prefer a teaching environment whereby students will come prepared for lessons and ask me questions, clarifying their doubts and reinforce their learnings in school.

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    A level Graduate

    2012-2013 VERIFIED

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    O level graduate

    2008-2011 VERIFIED


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