Ms Xin Tian Lee, a English, Math & Language Tutor

Ms. Xin Tian Lee

S$ 25-35/hr
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I recently enrolled in National University of Singapore (NUS), majoring in Communications and New Media. 

I have always seen education as a huge-stepping stone to furhter opportunities in Singapore, and I am grateful for the experiences I had from extra tution to help me get ahead in my academics. I believe that personal teaching instills discipline and passion within the students to be motivated in their studies. 

Hardwork indeed pays off, with the right mindset, attitude and discipline. I had never been particularly good in Chinese during secondary school. Up until the month before the 'O' Levels, I had achieved a C6 grade in my school's preliminary examinations. As a Chinese, the language is dying out and it is a truly important symbol of our rich heritage that deserves to be passed along. Wanting to do my family history proud, I pushed forward with determination within the month till the 'O' Levels. I did essays almost everyday and went to tuition everyday. My tutor was extremely experienced with the examination techniques and helped me get ahead. Miraculously, I achieved an A1 grade for my 'O' levels, all thanks to my tuition teacher. She motivated me and pushed me beyond my comfort zone, as well as providing praise or criticsm where needed.

Teaching English and Mathematics are most comfortable for me, for they were the most enjoyable subjects to learn and teach. 

I believe in instilling discipline as well as maintaining motivation. Therefore, I would assign students homework to be completed before the next lesson. On-site guidance is also important, so the student would know their mistakes immediately while the knowledge is still fresh. All in all, a moderate intensity of work over a regular period would regulate the mind to be more used to academia.

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    GCE 'A' Level

    2010-2012 VERIFIED

    GCE 'A' Level

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